Below are testimonials from people who know and have worked with John, as well as from people who have been with John and colleague Ike Lasater in their training programs, workshops and classes.

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Training Testimonials

“I am extremely grateful for the challenge, learning, support, deep connections and community that I felt in the retreat, and am experiencing in my triads, dyads, and daily connections with others, and in strengthening my relationship with myself. John and Ike, this is one of the most transformational things I've ever done in my life - and I can only say my deepest heart-felt thank you to you for all the work you've done internally and in the world - to be where/who you are - and gift me and all of us this amazing experience that is rippling out into the world in this very moment.”
—Jill Edwards Minyé


“Thank you for coming to Australia and leading the Sydney retreat. I have been telling my friends that I have experienced a slice of heaven, over 25 folk living in this wonderful harmony of healing, learning, deepening, caring, crying and laughing. I experienced a safety and affirmation that encouraged my creative wings to flap happily!”
—Jana Krins


“Dear John and Ike, I celebrate that today, for the first time, I have been mediating in a formal mediation, with what I have learned from you  and practiced for half a year in a practice group, as you requested at the training I enjoyed being in with you, in Stockholm, Sweden, September 2009. Not only did I survive, having stepped clearly outside of my comfort zone in accepting the offer to mediate, but we celebrated afterwards and booked another meeting to continue what we started today. It was a total joy to see the two people before me, a divorced couple, hearing each other in more fulfilling ways and starting to share things with each other that they had never shared before. I continue to be grateful and inspired by what you taught me and enjoy taking this time to celebrate with you how your work is supporting me in having the guts to step forward, make a difference, and take steps I have dreamed of for years but only now have taken, to be the change I want to see in the world by spreading NVC through mediation.”
—Joakim Svahn


“NVC mediation weekly class with John and Ike was my introduction to NVC nearly 6 years ago. I learned NVC principles and consciousness through their teaching and modeling, and by observing how they used NVC to respond to conflict – both real and role played – and how they coached class participants to do the same. I rapidly gained confidence in my ability to respond with presence and open-heartedness, in the role of mediator/facilitator – and also in mediating my own life. Professionally I now help corporate executives, couples, family members and others work through their difficulties toward lasting solutions. My work has expanded beyond the Bay Area and I’m overjoyed to be sharing NVC mediation further a field. Perhaps most importantly my trust has grown that I can take on the toughest challenges of my personal and family life, with the skills and consciousness I’ve developed through NVC mediation training, and the community and support of other NVC mediators.”
—Newt Bailey


“Prior to training in NVC Mediation I felt a great resonance with NVC and yet found the application of NVC to be elusive.  John and Ike have developed a very concrete, practical, learnable framework that I am now using to apply NVC in multiple areas of my life.  The program has opened up new worlds for me in both my personal and professional life.  The program has provided me a path for continuous learning and growth internally and interpersonally, as well as in the formal roles of mediator or coach.  The NVC Mediation training has inspired me to change my career to full time NVC Mediation and Coaching.  Through these activities I am now able to spread NVC to people who may not otherwise have encountered it.  My coaching clients have reported that our sessions have provided tremendous clarity and peace of mind regarding stressful situations in their lives as well as the introduction and development of deep compassion for themselves and others.  In mediation, my clients experience a deep connection to one another and are able to work together to develop solutions and take action.  I see this program to be a bridge from NVC theory to NVC practice out in the world and as a result I have been able to experience great meaning, purpose and joy in my life.”
—Carolyn Blum


“I continue to bask in the afterglow of the training, and I am realizing how much I "grokked" from that 5-day immersion.  I realized some years ago that the way I learn is through a process of digesting my experience as opposed to remembering facts, and I later see how the learning expresses itself in ways unique to me.  That expression is exactly what I am experiencing in the training's aftermath; I'm finding myself thinking and speaking more often from an NVC perspective.  I'm wanting you to know that yours and Ike's teaching styles, methods and examples of embodying and living NVC, along with the additional reinforcement by the assistants, resulted in the richest learning experience of any training, workshop, seminar, etc. in my life.”
—Rick Robbins


“Ten months ago I walked into my first 5 day NVC mediation retreat with John and Ike in NY/Boston. I am finishing up my second year long immersion in the Heartland and next week will enter my third year long immersion in Northern California.  Today, ten months after entering the mediation program I am a board member for the community mediation center and a volunteer mediator and facilitator.  My work with the center has included working with the Urban Rangers (young men in the urban neighbor hoods), peer mediation programs in schools, and circle anger management groups in high schools and court ordered mediation's, as well as working within the infrastructure with the staff towards other future goals. In my private practice, I founded Peace Matters, Inc., an alternative ministry that is able to serve in several ways.  In addition, I am a peacemaking consultant within the Unity Movement. I am expecting 2011 to be very prosperous not just financially, but with connecting to and helping others to connect to themselves at their core values and needs. Now that's what I live for - that moment of connection, when the very energy in the room changes and it is as if time stands still for a moment.  To me it is sacred.  I am grateful that I am able to help others experience the life within them.  This is what I have devoted my life to.”
—Lori Woodley


“I am in awe of the process...still holding this sense of "Wow" over what happened at the first mediation. I was worried about it too, something around my own confidence, and asked for some practice help beforehand to role-play it. I found that incredibly helpful too...It's so great to have other players to practice with!! And I have been asked to do ANOTHER mediation! If I do this one it will be #4. I'm in awe of these requests for me to mediate. It's like there's something miraculous happening...these mediations are dropping out of the sky onto me. I'm holding them so tenderly, and with deep gratitude to be part of this sacred process. John and Ike's mediation training gave me the tools to navigate my internal world as I vacillate between times of calm and times of storm. Because these tools support my self-understanding, they also support me in areas of self-care, self-responsibility, and self-growth. Additionally, these tools provide a way into understanding others. All of my relationships have improved. This training has given me the link to the deeper understanding of myself, and others. I've found it to be the doorway of understanding to the experience of being human, and the bridge that connects us all to one.”
—Joan Judson


"Not only am I able to deal with my own internal and external conflicts in new ways, but am now supporting friends and family by listening to what is upsetting them, and actually helping them come to a place of peace and understanding about what has been so difficult for them to resolve. The NVC mediation process has deepened my self empathy skills and my ability to hold a compassionate space for myself and others who are triggered. By learning to be with myself when I feel triggered, I am able to then be present to the other from a place of deep understanding and compassion. The miracle is I enrolled in the mediation training because even after studying NVC for about 5 years, I still got triggered into anger and self judgment when I had conflicts in my relationships, and I was still letting self judgment and my inner critic keep me stuck in anxiety and tension in both my body and mind. I am totally amazed that I not only am more able to stay present in the midst of conflicts and afterwards, but that I am also offering conflict coaching to friends, family and clients. Having first learned how to be more at ease with my own conflicts, I am helping people get unstuck and releasing judgments and images of others as I support them thru conflict coaching. Wow! What a celebration of the impact NVC Mediation has had on my life and the lives of those with whom I interact. This work is profoundly life transforming not only for me, but for everyone in my life.”
—Punita Greenberg


"Last October I was feeling stuck in anxiety debating whether I would attend the NVC Mediation Yearlong with John Kinyon and Ike Lasater.  In the end, I had a phone conversation with John.  Because I didn't learn how to talk about "difficult topics" with my family of origin, I felt scared to talk with him.  He helped me mediate my internal conflict with care and respect. I remember him saying at the end of our conversation "That wasn't so scary, was it?," and, to my amazement, he was right. One year later, I am attending the program for a second year.  I feel way more comfortable being authentic and having difficult conversations. I feel grateful to Ike and John and the whole NVC Mediation Yearlong community for providing a nurturing and dynamic caldron in which we, the participants, have the opportunity to grow and bloom into our fullest selves.”
—Teresa Rose


“The mediation class was my pathway into grasping NVC in a deeper way. The immediacy and aliveness of the role-plays highlighted the value of having fluency in NVC skills and therefore motivated me to take my learning to a deeper level. The structure of the class facilitates learning in a way that works very well for me. There is just the right amount of theory to help us get started, with the larger portion of the class left to dynamic role-plays with excellent coaching from the teachers. I think you teach really well together. It's very helpful having two teachers. The class is dynamic and engaging.”
—Holly Wilder


“Dear John and Ike, the NVC mediation classes taught by John and Ike are great fun. Everyday, I can practice the learning at my family's kitchen table, at work, on the street, on the phone, but especially within myself....It's powerful stuff and it's made a huge difference in my world. Thanks, guys.”
—Deborah Goldblatt


"The mediation series provided me with practical yet powerful skills for resolving conflict - in my own life and the lives of others. I've been a "peacemaker" at heart all of my life. However, prior to this training, I didn't have the tools to translate my intention into action. Since the workshop I have gone on to do several successful mediations with clients in my private practice as well as friends and family. If only I would have learned these skills 15 years ago! John & Ike's mastery of the material, depth of experience and integrity in living the process are exceptional. I highly recommend this training!”
—Chris Kresser


“Taking a mediation series with you and Ike was one of my most enjoyable and fun learning experiences in recent years. I've taken various NVC classes over the years but the mediation class taught me NVC more powerfully than anything else. I began to see for the first time the power, the simplicity, and elegance in the NVC model. I am really excited to continue deepening my NVC and mediation skills.”
—Tiko Shah

Mediation Testimonials

“John Kinyon is one of our trainers of Nonviolent Communication and someone in whom I have a great deal of trust and confidence. John in my experience has a special gift for facilitating empathic understanding and communication between people. I highly endorse John's skills and abilities with Nonviolent Communication, and I strongly recommend him to anyone needing help resolving a conflict situation.”
—Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., founder of Nonviolent Communication


“John, I’m so grateful for the work you have done with my staff and me over the past 4 years. I want to thank you for how you helped me turn around the difficulties I was experiencing with my employees and create a new level of success in my business. You have contributed to these things by how you coached me to communicate differently and model the qualities and ways of relating I wanted to see with my staff. You have a great ability to support people being honest and authentic with each other in ways that bring them together. You have helped us communicate and resolve conflicts in a way that everyone felt heard and understood that then led to finding mutually satisfying solutions. Particularly helpful was when you mediated between two employees with long standing and complex problems - it was truly amazing to watch as they found the common ground of understanding and found the basis for being able to work together again with a growing sense of respect and mutuality.”
—Suzan Steinberg, business owner


“At a time of escalated tensions and unexpressed concerns, John's experience and inspirational style with NVC helped to facilitate a reconnection between the principles of the business. After the breakdown in communication, his skills helped create a stronger foundation of trust and empathy, where each person could be heard. This enabled us to move ahead into a creative dynamic process of strategies and goal setting for the company.”
—Selma Aslin and Tehra Braren, business owner and company director



“Nonviolent communication sounds like a political thing, but to me NVC is a communications approach that I value in personal and business relationships. John Kinyon is an expert and highly trained NVC facilitator, and is superlative at resolving hard, entrenched conflicts. He has the courage and competence to tackle even situations where people hate one another, and can lead them to find a common ground. John gets to the heart of an issue, and, in the kindest possible way, airs every stake-holder's point of view. His practical judgment, life experience and quiet style earn the respect of the participants, as he calmly draws them to lasting clarity and closure. Any organization--any relationship--could benefit from John Kinyon's teaching and facilitation.”
—Ed Niehaus, organizational consultant


“Through the model of Nonviolent Communication - a model based on the psychology of human interactions - I have been able to avoid creating conflict as well as resolving it in my role as a Senior Manager in a multinational hi-tech corporation. Unlike many other approaches, NVC's power lies in its simplicity and practical approach. It takes Steven Covey's "Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood" to the next level. John Kinyon brings his experience and training in psychology to the world of organizational behavior and is an inspirational facilitator and consultant.”
—Kenn Mackenzie, Altera Corporation


“I have been the owner or partner of over 14 different business ventures, including a business consulting company. If there is one thing I have learned from these experiences it is that internal conflict that does not get addressed destroys more organizations than the competition ever did. John Kinyon is a master of resolving conflicts in a way that leaves the parties feeling resolved and being productive. I could not think of a better, more effective way of dealing with difficult situations, both internally between staff or departments, and externally between the organization and their suppliers or customers.”
—Paul Sterling , President, Colorado Institute for Business Excellence


“I have experienced John's facilitation in many different contexts, from three days with Afghan elders in a refugee camp, numerous workshops, business and board meetings and social gatherings.  And in each of these instances I am struck by the constancy of his commitment to the quality of connection as the door to creating the kind of world in which people are meeting their needs peacefully.  I like him and trust him.  As my Daddy used to say, ‘He is top drawer.’  I predict you will like him too.”
   —Ike Lasater, mediator, facilitator, NVC trainer, and former trail lawyer


“John possesses remarkable insight into the inner workings of the mind caught in conflict.  He has helped me understand my own blocks - needs and issues that have clouded my ability to connect with myself and others.  I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed.”
—Larry R., attorney and mediator, former CEO of venture-funded company


“John led a group of 30+ faculty and students of Peralta Community College District in a workshop on Nonviolent Communication with an outstanding knowledge base and leadership to allow the group to work with the concepts. John also utilized humor effectively to assist the participants in enjoying the learning process and helping them to practice the skills. We would love for John to return and do more workshops.”
—Indra Thadani, Health training Coordinator, Laney College


“John's warmth, knowledge, and patience make his presence a gift. His presentation of this challenging and groundbreaking solution to conflict is a doorway to discovery and growth. The benefits of this work are enormous.”
—Frances Blau, Intake Coordinator/Assistant Program Director, Maitri Hospice Care

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