3Chairs Project

3Chairs Project for Global Health


The 3Chairs Project supports networks of individuals and organizations working for the health of all peoples and ecosystems of the Earth through changes to government policy, laws, and systems, particularly change through compassionate non-cooperation (e.g. conscientious objectors/protectors) with unhealthy and unjust practices and systems.

The mission of the project is to support self-organizing learning and practice of structures of empathic conversation and community, based in components and skills of empathic communication.

Integral to this movement is the transformation of social systems and business and consumer practices to support and protect health — physical, emotional, mental, environmental — for all.

Essential to this transformation are healthy economic systems, strongly regulated and guided by well-functioning democracy and branches of government, free from the power of money and resources being used to buy political influence.

In a healthy society, the role of government ensures that all people have sufficient access to meeting fundamental human needs, such as healthy water, food, and environmental conditions, quality healthcare and higher education, labor protections, and restorative justice.

This vision and mission is reflected in a triad "3 chairs" model of empathic conversation — two opposing perspectives held by a third, wholistic and compassionate awareness, giving rise to the emergence of new creative possibilities.


There have been great moments in human history. Now is perhaps the greatest. The future survival and well being of humanity and much of life on this planet appears to be at stake. We have this decade to begin making the necessary radical changes. This is the great cause to which we are all now summoned.

Given the forces seeking to maintain the systems as they are, what will be needed is enough people around the world who are willing to engage with empathic conversation and suffer compassionately through acts of non-cooperation with what does not support health and wellness of all people and ecosystems.

With roots going back to India's Mahatma Gandhi last century and the method of nonviolent social resistance he pioneered, we can tap into the positive, constructive, and transformative power of conflict to create new possibilities for well being on this planet.

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