Copy of Communication, Consciousness, and Social Action

Communication, Consciousness, and Social Action
Weekly Group

Mondays 10-11:30am Pacific Time on Zoom

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This weekly group meeting explores the intersection of communication, consciousness, and social action. In this exploration and practice I offer my experience with what I call a Triad Model of Conversation and Consciousness, as well as the distinctions, skills, and “maps” of empathic communication that grows out of the international work of Mediate Your Life Training and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The structure of these meetings will evolve over time and with the input of those who attend. At this time the structure is that I will offer guided experiences and group explorations of awareness practices in consciousness integrated with discussion and role play conversations around social-political-environmental topics in relation to organizations, institutions, government, including nonviolence and noncooperation in social activism.

The temperature of Earth’s climate is rising, and so is the temperature of our social-political divide and polarization. Ecosystems are starting to become unstable and falter, and so too our economic, governmental, healthcare, and related human systems. All manner of social inequalities and oppressions are becoming more visible. At the same time there is a massive global groundswell of universal care, empathy, compassion, and cooperation emerging around the planet embracing all of life. There is a world-wide movement for health, wellness, wellbeing, and living in regenerative and sustainable ways. This seems to be the time the ancients spoke of, a time of tremendous upheaval, challenge and transformation for the whole Earth.

I believe communication that integrates language and consciousness is key to humans being able to respond effectively to the enormous conflicts and challenges we face. Also crucial is taking effective, and most likely radical, social action.


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