Level 3 Course – Phase II Registration

Copy of Copy of Foundations of Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation Self-Guided Program

Conflict Coaching and Mediation 6-9 month Online Program

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Format: Weekly on: Thursdays, 1:00-3:00pm Pacific Time

Begins: Phase II begins: April 14, 2022

Ends: Phase II ends: June 30, 2022

Weekly Live Group Session Duration: 2 hours

Start Time:  1:00pm Pacific Time [California] (convert to my time zone)

For any questions, please email programs@johnkinyon.com.



Philosophy of Money
The registration pricing is what I (John) would like to receive to support my sustainability to continue offering this work in the world. However, because I see this work being for the health and wellbeing and greater good of humanity and all people, and because I want to support a monetary system based in giving and receiving, you can request to give an amount different than the full tuition. Thank you for wanting to be part of this work in the world!

Advanced Course Phase II Monthly Payment Plan
$350.00 every 30 days X 3
Advanced Course Phase II Registration

Conflict Coaching and Mediation Program Phase II Registration