Advanced 6-9 month Program

Copy of Copy of Foundations of Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation Self-Guided Program

Conflict Coaching and Mediation Online Advanced Training Course

Helping people respond to conflicts and challenges within themselves and with others.

This 6-9 month course offers online training in Conflict Coaching and Mediation with OFNR-based empathic communication/NVC components and skills and the maps of Mediate Your Life training developed by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater


Next 6-9 Month Online Training Course: Starts September 8, 2022, Thursdays 1-3pm Pacific Time.
See below for course description and application process.


Monthly Mediation Practice Group with John
3rd Saturday of the Month, 10-12pm PT. See below for more info and to apply


Prerequisite Experience for the Advanced Training

This Conflict Coaching & Mediation advanced course is for people who have been actively practicing OFNR-based empathic communication/NVC for at least 2 years. This could be through doing John's Intermediate training (with continued practice) AND/OR taking other trainings based in Nonviolent Communication/NVC (with continued practice). This training program is for people who want to offer conflict coaching and/or mediate conflict OR who want advanced level training and practice. 

Program size is 15-20 participants or less so that there is more individual attention, support, and coaching from John as well as interaction with fellow participants. Don't wait if you want to secure a spot.

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What is Mediate Your Life Training?

The Mediate Your Life (MYL) training program and body of work was co-created and developed by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater beginning in 2002. In 2008, Ike and John started offering year-long programs first in the U.S. and then internationally in Australia, Asia, and Europe. The MYL work is based in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and integrates a mediation framework, mindfulness, and neuroscience. At the core is a 5-step mediation model and 9 mediation skills. Over the almost two decades of development, John and Ike have created a body of work that includes pre and post mediation processes and a conflict coaching methodology and “maps” for helping people navigate inner and outer conflicts and challenges in their lives. Click on the Mediate Your Life link for more information on this body of work.

You’ll Gain The Ability To Help People

  • Understand and start using the OFNR communication components in a way in which there is ease, naturalness, and compassionate presence with themselves and others
  • Learn the ability for self-connection in the midst of difficulty, being in empathic conversation, and building empathic community
  • Transform anger and judgments of others into empathy and compassion 
  • Shift from anxiety and stress to calm and centeredness
  • Prepare for difficult conversations, and use role play
  • Work together with others to find creative and collaborative solutions
  • By facilitating (mediating) conversations between people, using 9 mediation skills 
  • Heal and reconcile when there is emotional hurt and pain
  • Resolve inner conflicts about the past or future
  • Live happier, healthier, more resilient lives and experience more connection and well being

Philosophy of Money

The registration pricing is what I (John) would like to receive to support my sustainability to continue offering this work in the world. However, because I see this work being for the health and wellbeing and greater good of humanity and all people, and because I want to support a monetary system based in giving and receiving, you can choose to give the amount you would like. Thank you for wanting to be part of this work in the world!

Monthly Mediation Practice Group with John

The monthly practice group happens on the 3rd Saturday of the month, from 10am-12pm Pacific Time (1-3pm Eastern). The focus is on practice primarily with NVC-based mediation. Each month's theme focuses on one of the 9 mediation skills from the program's training. In role-play practice you get the opportunity to rotate through the roles of client/disputant in a conflict and coach/mediator. After each practice round there is group debriefing, feedback, and collective learning. John demonstrates, offers in-the-moment coaching, and responds to questions. Between the monthly sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice with others in the group and in the larger community of people who have done this training. Requested financial contribution is $50/month ($50-25 sliding scale if you you cannot afford the full rate).

If you're interested and would like to apply to join the group, click on the application button below to fill out a brief questionnaire. After you fill out the questionnaire, I'll get back to you about joining. If you have questions or want to follow up, you can email me at:

6-9 Month Conflict Coaching & Mediation Online Training Course


Day and Time each week: Thursdays, 1:00-3:00pm Pacific Time (4-6pm Eastern)

Begins: Phase I (6 months) begins: September, 8 2022

Ends: June 29, 2023 (end of Phase II)

Weekly Live Group Session Duration: 2 hours

Start Time:  Thursday Sept 8, 1:00pm Pacific Time [California] (convert to my time zone)


Requested tuition for Phase I of the course is $2100, which you can give monthly ($350/month). If you wish to give less, consider a sliding scale of $2100—$1500 ($350-250 per month). Those from Phase I who wish to continue on to Phase II can decide to do so at the end of Phase I.

The more you give the more you will be supporting me to continue offering the work to all who want it, and you will be helping grow this work and the contribution it makes to a better world.

For any questions, please email

Course Structure

This year is the 5th cohort of the online program. It is an NVC-based conflict coaching and mediation program. It is a 9 month course, structured as a 6-month learning phase and then a 3 month practicum/applied phase. You can do the whole 9 months or just the first 6 month phase. There are weekly 2 hour live group sessions on Zoom video conferencing, written materials, audio/video recordings, handouts, and recordings of the live group sessions. There are daily and weekly practices to do in between the live sessions with yourself and others in the course and in your life. 

See below about Learning Module/Topics for the course

Application for Admission into the Course

If you are interested in being a participant in the next cohort of the Conflict Coaching & Mediation online training course (starting September 2, 2021), click the button below to fill out the Application Form.

After you fill out the form, I will follow up with you. If it seems there is a good fit between your experience and goals and the program, I'll set up a conversation with you to discuss your participation further.

If the start date of the next course has not been set yet, you can save a spot in the course by going through the above steps and get on the wait list. There are only spots for 15-20 participants, which may fill.

If you have questions or want to follow up, email me at:

Learning Modules/Topics

Foundation Modules

  • The coaching relationship — collaborative learning, leading/guiding/directing vs. following, process and content, ethics, empathic community, trauma and addiction
  • Conflict coaching phases — Engagement Conversation, coaching agreement, foundation distinctions and skills, learning and applying the maps
  • Sharing the foundation distinctions and skills
  • OFNR (OFN, then R, for self, then OFNR for other)
  • Self-Connection Practice (mindfulness, consciousness)
  • Elements of Empathy for speaking and listening in conversation
  • Solution requests, hearing and saying "no," Need Behind the No practice
  • The business of coaching and mediating

Individual Coaching

  • Preparing to Respond to a difficult situation (Enemy Image Process/EIP, 3 role-plays)
  • Practicing to Respond to a difficult situation (Intensity Exercise, Connection, and Solution Requests)
  • Having a Difficult Conversation (Interpersonal Mediation/IPM process, 3Chairs Process, role-playing)
  • Debriefing for Resilience (Mourn Celebrate Learn/MCL process)
  • Self-Compassion Mediation (Chooser-Educator/C-E process)
  • Internal Family Conversations (Internal Mediation/IM process)
  • Beyond Forgiveness (Healing & Reconciliation/H&R process) — making amends and healing role play

Mediation Maps and Skills

  • 5-Step Mediation Model and 4-step Healing & Reconciliation (H&R) process
  • 9 Mediation Skills (elements of empathy, connection requests, pulling by the ears, emergency empathy, tracking, interrupting, self-empathy, self-expression, solution requests, and agreements)
  • Pre-mediation session(s)
  • Post-mediation session(s)
  • Mediator self-care