Conversations — Reconciliation & Healing

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Reconciliation & Healing Conversations
An Online Group Space for Witnessing Difficult Conversation in Relationships,
Healing Our Society One Conversation at a Time

Facilitated by John Kinyon

Fridays on Zoom
1-2pm Pacific Time (4-5pm Eastern)

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One of the main goals of the Reconciliation & Healing Conversations group experience is to demonstrate and spread the idea of an empathic structure in conversation that leads to connection, healing, wellbeing, cooperation and the emergence of new creative possibilities. The simple essence of this empathic structure is: taking turns speaking and listening in mindful awareness, focusing on understanding rather than agreement, and dropping down into connection with what we share in common — our human feelings, needs, and wants.

At these events, I demonstrate empathic structure in conversation — having difficult conversations when there are conflicting differences, and having healing conversations when there is emotional hurt and pain.

In these sessions, I role play with one or two people from the group of those who are attending. Others who are attending get to witness and be part of sharing and questions afterward. The power of these demonstrations provide valuable learning and inspiration for all attending.

I offer two types of conversations, as well as coaching support:

  • Difficult Conversations process
  • Healing & Reconciliation process

All are invited to participate, and you are also welcome to just listen and witnessing without speaking if you choose. Please invite anyone who you think might be interested.

On the last Friday of each month I will be asking people attending if I can record the conversations in order to share with the world the power of the experience and the value of empathic communication. My hope is that this will inspire others to participate in the future, learn from watching to apply to their own lives, and to spread and grow the work. I will not record anyone present who does not want to be recorded; and before sharing it out into the world I would ask those in the recording to watch it and give permission that you're ok with it being shared.

You are welcome to attend this event for free, and when you register you'll be given an option to give a financial contribution. Receiving financial support gives me the ability to continue offering this work to the world. You can give what you'd like, including $0. If it's your first time attending, you can give later if you wish, after you've had the experience (see options for giving below).

This work comes out of the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). For more information about John and the work see,

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