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One of the most important things I (John) have discovered in my 20+ years of work in this space, is that furthering this kind of learning works best in a learning community. Developing these skills to be able to respond to the growing challenges in our personal lives and what’s happening in the world takes time and lots of practice and support. So, I’ve created an Empathy & Consciousness in Conversation online community (see right column), as well as levels of weekly live-session online courses (see below) to support you in skill development and help you build empathic community. See more information and links below.

Online Programs

Philosophy of Money
The registration pricing is what I (John) would like to receive to support this work and my sustainability. However, because I see this work being for the greater good of humanity and all people and communities, and because I want to support a monetary system based in giving and contribution to well being, you can email me and request to give a different amount if what I am asking does not work for you. Email: Thank you for wanting to be part of this work in the world!


It's FREE to join. The online community offers different topic discussion areas to engage in and a wide variety of information and resources, as well as live online events and group meetings with me that I offer regularly. The community is also about meeting, connecting and interacting with others who share your interests and values, and who can be sources of inspiration and support as we navigate the growing challenges and difficulties in our world. You can coordinate empathic conversation practice with other community members, and even connect with people who live near you! I believe building empathic community and support is crucial to growing our resilience, experiencing health and wellbeing, and being able to respond to the enormous difficulties ahead.



Foundations of Empathy & Consciousness in Communication Course (Level One)

Next 8-Week Course starts: Tuesday May 25, 12-1pm PT.

Empathy and awareness in communication transforms your world.

Learn the core components, skills, and practices of awareness-based empathic communication with yourself and others.

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Conflict to Connection in Conversation with Ourselves and Others 12-Week & 4-Week Intermediate Courses (Level Two)

Next 12-Week Course: Starts April 13, Tuesdays 1:30-3:00pm PT

Next 4-Week Course: Starts March 18, Thursdays 11am-12:30pm PT
Responding with Compassion and Resilience

Empathic conversation maps to restore connection and create new possibility.

Learn conflict to connection conversation maps (inner and outer) that build resilience with adversity, strengthen relationship and collaboration, and open new creative possibilities.

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Conflict Coaching & Mediation Online Advanced Training Program (Level Three)

Next 6-9 Month Course starts: Sept 2, 2021. Click on link below for more info and to apply.

Level 3 Monthly Practice & Mentoring Group with coaching from John. Click on link for more info and to apply.

Helping people respond to conflicts and challenges within themselves and with others.

Learn how to be in the role of conflict coach and mediator using OFNR mindfulness and the skills and maps of Mediate Your Life training, developed by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater.