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Foundations of Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation Self-Guided Program (1)

Respond to the Growing Challenges and Adversities in the World with Empathic Connection and Community

Develop deep foundational skills and abilities with dimensions of consciousness in empathic communication with yourself and others, for responding to the impacts of social-economic-environmental turbulence, uncertainties, and difficulties in your life and in the world.


There is No Prerequisite for the Foundations (Level One) Training

This level of training is for people who are new to empathic communication. It can also be valuable to people at any level of experience, as this level of training is a deep dive into practicing the integration of mindfulness and language dimensions of the foundation components (OFNR) of empathic communication. This work comes out of the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


Foundations of Mindfulness in Conversation Self-Guided Course (monthly subscription)

As the world becomes increasingly less stable and more uncertain and conflictual, the foundational skills and abilities of empathy and mindfulness in conversation can be tremendously helpful for experiencing wellbeing and connection, and finding creative ways to respond to challenges and care for ourselves and others in difficult times. Building empathic community of learning and support will be increasingly important to our health and wellness.

The Foundations of Mindfulness in Conversation Self-Guided Course is a monthly subscription ($9.99/month) self-training program connected with an online learning community environment. It offers a wide variety of written, audio, and video learning materials to help you develop and deepen skills and abilities in the foundation components of empathic communication as dimensions of consciousness (dual and nondual awareness) and resonant language; and be able to do this in your way, at your pace. There is structure and support to help you learn and practice, and as an integral part of the program there is the option to engage and learn in community with others who are in the program.

Online Weekly Live Course with John (Level One - 8 week course)

Group size for the 8-Week Course is 15 participants or less so that there is more individual attention, support, and coaching from John as well as interaction with fellow participants. Don't wait if you want to secure a spot.

The next 8-Week Course is: Tuesdays March 23 - May 11, 2021. 12-1pm Pacific (California) Time

This course is for those who want weekly live sessions with John in a small group context (15 people or less) with lots of live coaching, demonstration, and Q&A. [Registration, based in a giving model, is at the bottom of this page]

In addition, participants in the Course also get access to the main learning and practice materials of the foundation training, and are supported to practice with each other between the live group sessions.



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You’ll Gain The Ability To:

  • Experience greater health and wellness through emotional well being
  • Recover more quickly from difficult situations and interactions
  • Feel more peace, centeredness, ease, and creativity responding to life's challenges
  • Be more present and connected in your relationships
  • Use language more skillfully in your interactions with people
  • Increase self-knowledge and self-connection
  • Experience more compassion for yourself and others
  • Listen in a way people notice and appreciate 
  • Build empathic community of connection, learning, and support
  • Develop greater access to creativity and new possibilities
  • Experience more happiness and well being



What is Empathic Communication?

For me (John), empathic communication is based in four communication components — Observation, Feeling, Need, Request — and helps us focus attention and language on experiencing empathic connection and responding to ourselves and others with compassionate giving.

Empathy and Mindfulness in Conversation is how I refer to my approach that emphasizes the consciousness dimensions of the components and the integration with language. It is also about responding to the growing challenges, conflicts, dysfunction and instability we now face in our world. Consciousness in conversation brings awareness and compassionate presence to the language of speaking and listening within ourselves and with others. Consciousness for me includes a relationship with dual and nondual awareness, the formless and universal, the unconscious, and a neuroscience understanding of the brain and nervous system.

In this approach, Observation, Feeling, Need, and Request are each a different dimension of awareness and a doorway to connection, compassion, healing, and accessing creative possibility. The training happens in the context of learning, supporting, and practicing together with others in empathic community, and building empathic community in your life. This work is based in the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).



Self-Guided Course Overview

A 4-Week Self-Guided Training is offered at the start of the program and can be used as a core backbone for ongoing learning. Daily meditation practice is also a core aspect of the training. The option to plug into community connection, sharing, practice, and support is integral to the program. We do this on the platform for ease of group communication, coordination, and information sharing. You are helped and encouraged to practice in dyads with each other in the community and join a small team for additional learning and accountability support. There are written, audio, and video learning resources and learning support structures, which will be added to on a weekly basis.


After you register, there is a FREE 7-Day Trial Period before your first payment is charged so you can check it out, and after that you can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked. If the program is different than you were expecting, you can request a refund of the monthly payment. No problem. Once you register you will automatically be sent an email with a link to the program web page.

For any questions, email:

Foundations Self-Guided Course Registration

Foundations Self-Guided Course Monthly Subscription

Free for 7 days, then $9.99/month until cancelled
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8-Week Live Course Overview

This Level One online course offers eight weekly 1 hour live group learning and practice sessions with John and a small group (20 participants or less), supplemented with written materials, audio/video recordings, handouts, and recording of the live group sessions. The learning is centered around conversation exercises and practices with language in the context of consciousness and empathy to do during and between the weekly live sessions with yourself and others in the course, as well as people in your life. The learning builds in layers each week with the inner and outer conversations of your life. The live sessions happen on the Zoom video conferencing system, and you can also participate by audio only or by phone.

To see the Course Outline, click HERE.


Format: 8 consecutive Tuesdays
Begins: March 23, 2021
Ends: May 11, 2021
Weekly Live Group Session Duration: 60 minutes
Start Time: 12pm Pacific Time [California] (convert to my time zone)

For any questions, email:

Registration for the 8-Week Live Course

The courses are 100% guaranteed


Philosophy of Money

The registration pricing is what I (John) would like to receive to support my sustainability to continue offering this work in the world. However, because I see this work being for the health and wellbeing and greater good of humanity and all people, and because I want to support a monetary system based in giving and receiving, you can choose to give the amount you would like. Thank you for wanting to be part of this work in the world!


Steps for Registering

  1. You can choose the amount you wish to give. I invite you to consider a sliding scale of $299—$99, and I ask that you give as high on the scale as would feel good to you. You can also give outside of this scale, more or less.

    The more you give the more you will be supporting me to continue offering the work to all who want it, and you will be helping grow this work in the world.

  2. There are Registration Boxes below for a one-time payment amount of $299 and for monthly installments of $99.50. If you would like to give a different amount, see the Patreon and PayPal buttons further below for choosing what you would like to give, either one-time or monthly. Let us know if you're wanting other payment method options.

  3. If you make your payment on PayPal or Patreon, afterwards send an email to to notify us, and we will send you the link to the course Home page that gives access to the learning resources and all the information for the course.

Level One 8-Week Course Registration

Level One 8-Week Course

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Level One 8-Week Course Monthly Installment Registration

Level One 8-Week Course Monthly Payment Plan

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