Level 1: Foundations (8 weeks) Outline

Empathy and Mindfulness in Conversation

8-week Online Program - Level 1 (Foundation)

Respond to the Growing Challenges and Adversities in Your Life, and in the World, with Empathic Connection and Community

Develop deep foundational skills and abilities with dimensions of mindful awareness in empathic communication with yourself and others, for responding to the impacts of social-economic-environmental turbulence, uncertainties, and difficulties in your life and in the world.

Empathy and Mindfulness in Conversation

You’ll Walk Away With The Ability To:

  • Experience greater health and wellness through emotional well being
  • Recover more quickly from difficult situations and interactions
  • Feel more peace, centeredness, ease, and creativity responding to life's challenges
  • Be more present and connected in your relationships
  • Use language more skillfully in your interactions with people
  • Increase self-knowledge and self-connection
  • Experience more compassion for yourself and others
  • Listen in a way people notice and appreciate 
  • Build empathic community of connection, learning, and support
  • Develop greater access to creativity and new possibilities
  • Experience more happiness and well being


Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction and beginning awareness and language practice with the 4 dimensions of mindfulness based on the OFNR communication components. 

Week 2: Mindful Observation in Conversation — Speaking and listening from knowing yourself as the awareness of your mind rather than identifying with thinking (perceiving, words, images).

Week 3: Mindful Feeling in Conversation — Speaking and listening from knowing yourself as compassionate presence with your body rather than identifying with emotions and sensations.

Week 4: Universal Needs and Life Energy — Connecting with a language of life based in universal human needs combined with experiencing the energy and aliveness of the body.

Week 5: Needs and Levels of Empowerment — Working with the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and needs in ways that take us to greater levels of well being and empowerment.

Week 6: Mindfulness and Requests — Creating the life you want and world you envision by expanding awareness and accessing the field of creative potential and possibility, asking for what you want to find solutions, contribute, and give and receive compassionately.

Week 7: Courageous Honesty and The Power of Empathy — We'll practice honest self-expression from the heart and being able to empathically receive and hear beneath judgment, blame, criticism and demand to the heart of the other person and find our shared human connection.

Week 8: Integration, Deepening, and Next Steps