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Foundations of Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation Self-Guided Program

Self-Learning Support: Practicing with Others

Online Conflict Coaching And Mediation Pilot Program

An integral part of the learning for this program is practicing with others. It is also a way to build empathic community of connection and support in your life and strengthen resilience and the ability to access new creative possibilities with challenges.

  1. Building Empathic Community of Practice and Support. In this program there are a number of ways to build empathic community of practice and support:
    - The program community Slack forum
    - The Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation online community on Mighty Networks
    - People in your personal and work life, and other communities you're part of
    - Register for my Level One Foundations 8-week course or Level Two Intermediate 12-week course
  2. Reaching Out. In these various places I'll be encouraging you to reach out to those with whom you feel drawn to practice. More materials from me are coming to support you with this. For now think about who you feel drawn to practicing with.
  3. Partner Practices in the Books. In terms of what to practice with a practice partner, if you read the Mindfulness in Conversation workbook and the Choosing Peace book (in the Additional Learning Resources Library at the bottom of the Main page), you will come to suggested exercises you can do with others. I encourage you, when you get to these sections in the reading, to ask someone to practice with you and do the exercises together.
  4. Additional Learning Resources Library. Also in the Additional Learning Resources Library are audio, video, and written materials on Practice with Others. My suggestion is that you:
    - Start with the Audio & Video Recordings section, and go to the Practice with Others section. Listen to/watch those materials.
    - Then go to the Written Handouts & Worksheets section, Practice with Others. Read the first two handouts (Empathic Conversation Structure and Practice and Feedback).
    - Then look at the OFNR Mindfulness in Conversation Partner Practice_Observation. When you're ready, ask someone to practice with you.
    - Then when you feel ready, go to the Feeling, Need, and Request worksheets and practice with those.
    - Once you feel confident practicing with each of the 4 OFNR empathic communication components, then proceed to the Elements of Empathy handout and 6 Minute Exercise worksheet.
    - You can practice with the same person, or have multiple people you practice with. I encourage you to practice with as many people as you can so you build your empathic community. I have also found that you learn different and valuable things practicing with different people.
    - Cycle back through the Observation, Feeling, Need, Request worksheet partner practice as much as serves you.
  5. Training with Resistance & Fearlessness. See the next Self-Learning Support page on Training with Resistance & Fearlessness.