Foundations of Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation Self-Guided Program

Self-Learning Support: Suggested Learning Structure

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The following steps are just my suggestions. See if they are helpful to you, either in following them or getting in touch with how you would like to do it in a different way.

  1. 4-Week Self-Practice Training. On the Main page, start with the 4-Week Self-Practice Training, which gives you 4 weeks of daily self-practice. Watch the first video and begin with the first day of daily practice with the empathic communication component of Observation. Continue each day with the next daily focus of practice. When you complete with Observation, go to Feeling, Need, and Request. You can continue to cycle through the 4 weeks for as long as supports you. There are Handouts in the Additional Learning Resources Library at the bottom of the Main page to go with the Self-Practice Training.
  2. Meditation Practice. Go to the Meditation Resources section and check out the resources there. See if there is a meditation app you'd like to use. I invite you to use something that gives you options for guided support, and one that includes "nondual" mindfulness awareness practice, such as the Waking Up Course app. Is there a regular amount and frequency of meditation practice you feel willing to commit to? I encourage you to commit to at least 5 minutes a day. If you already have a meditation practice, I invite you to deepen and expand it to stretch yourself.
  3. Books. Once you have been doing the daily 4-Week Self-Practice Training and regular meditation practice for a bit, you could begin reading the two digital books of mine I provide in the Additional Learning Resources Library --Mindfulness in Conversation digital workbook and a pdf of Choosing Peace. If you are drawn to mindfulness and consciousness, I suggest you start with reading the Workbook. If you are drawn to tangible language skills, I suggest you start with Choosing Peace. After you have read one, then proceed to the other.
  4. Handouts. As you are reading through the two books, see the related Handouts in the Additional Learning Resources Library section. There are handouts for Self-Practice and for Practicing with Others.
  5. Guided Meditations. There are Guided Meditations by me in the Other Learning Resources section. My suggestion with these is that you alternate reading from the books and doing the guided meditations.
  6. Practicing with Others. See the next Self-Learning Support page on Practicing with Others.