Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditations

[To hear the audio, see link at the top of each guided meditation]

In addition to these guided meditations, John Kinyon has other resources which can be found by clicking HERE.

John also does a weekly live guided meditation on his social media channels every Wednesday (Facebook and Instagram).  There you can join him live to participate in the guided meditation. If you attend live, I will stay on to respond to questions and sharing from those who are there. 

Mindfulness and meditation are recognized in the cultural mainstream and the scientific community as an important component of overall health.  The next step is the ability for empathic conversation. With this practice, you'll learn to speak and listen to yourself and others in a nourishing way that contributes to thriving and flourishing. Shift from disconnection and conflict to connection and compassion. Our neurophysiology is wired for care and bonding. Supportive community and belonging are woven into the core of our ancestral inheritance and memory. Bringing awareness, presence, and consciousness into conversation, including difficult conversations, opens new pathways to health and wellness.