Books/Workbook & Videos

Workbook by John Kinyon

Mediate Your Life (MYL) Books by John Kinyon & Ike Lasater

NVC & Organizations Books by Ike Lasater

Videos by John

Recommended Websites & Apps

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Resources

Waking Up Course - mindfulness meditation app by Sam Harris, incorporates nondual awareness practice, interviews of a breadth and diversity of mindfulness teachers, and much more

Loch Kelly -- mindfulness and nondual awareness teacher

The Headless Way - a unique, Western-based way of accessing and practicing nondual awareness, originated by Douglas Harding, who wrote the book On Having No Head. In this tradition I recommend Richard Lang.

Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach - heart, compassion, and acceptance-based guided mindfulness meditations, practices, writings, and more

Insight Timer - meditation and relaxation app, lots of free material as well as paid

Eckhart Tolle. Spiritual teacher. Books: A New Earth, Stillness Speaks, The Power of Now. See YouTube videos.

Rupert Spira - nonduality spiritual teacher

Kristin Neff - mindful self-compassion

Internal Family Systems - Richard Schwartz

David Whyte - poet, author, speaker, the conversational nature of reality, poetry and organizations

Francis Weller - soul work and community building

Richard Rohr - Franciscan priest, author, speaker. Offers a universal and deep interpretation of christianity, science and spirituality, and transformation. Two most recent books: The Universal Christ and The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation