Monthly Interactive Webinars

Join me for monthly 60 minute webinars focused on both current events and personal and organizational challenges and conflicts. I share ways you can navigate these situations with skills of empathic communication that integrate language and consciousness in "maps" of conversation (inner and outer). This work is deeply rooted in the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Mediate Your Life Training.

This Month’s Topic:

Elements of Empathic Speaking and Listening

Bringing Nourishing Depths of Connection to Everyday Conversations [From talking of our personal celebrations and losses to the losses of our biosphere]

Friday, September 24th, 2021

5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern

Donation Requested

Join me on September 24th at 5pm Pacific Time for a 60 minute live Zoom meeting on the topic of Elements of Empathic Speaking and Listening. This is also an opportunity to come together in community around current events that are socially uppermost in our collective hearts and minds.  

When in conversation with others it is common to skate on the surface, “ping-ponging” as I like to call it, back and forth from one associated story to another. Jumping from topic to topic, the conversation swirls in myriad directions. Sometimes this is what we’re wanting from the interaction, but often I’m guessing we crave a depth of meaning and connection that isn’t happening. There is a way to bring skills and structure to a conversation that give the ability to drop down into enriching and nourishing depths of empathic connection. I call this empathic conversation. I believe giving and receiving this quality of connection and support in conversation is essential for fortifying our wellbeing and resilience to cope with the intensifying challenges we are now facing. 

I will briefly present the session topic from my work, then invite some of those attending to share difficult situations from their lives or what we are seeing in the world. I’ll then work more deeply with one or two people, and at the end invite more people from the group to share and ask questions.

To register for this 60 minute live interactive webinar (45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A) click below. There is a donation request to attend. For free access to each month's webinar you can join Community+. See below.

You can give what you would like in the box below. Thank you for supporting this event, your contributions make the spreading of this work possible. Requested donations are between $5-$25.

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