Monthly Interactive Webinars

Join me for monthly 60 minute webinars focused on both current events and personal and organizational challenges and conflicts. I share ways you can navigate these situations with skills of empathic communication that integrate language and consciousness in "maps" of conversation (inner and outer). This work is deeply rooted in the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Mediate Your Life Training.

This Month’s Topic:

Resilience for Self in Troubling Times

Navigating Conflict When Experiencing Adversity, Stress, or Anxiety [Shifting to a positive learning cycle in the “failures” big and small of our personal lives and in society]

January 26, 2022

12:00-1:00pm Pacific Time/3-4:00pm Eastern

Donation Requested

A type of conflict we experience is how to respond to the fear of adversity, particularly when it involves being judged by others because of something we did or failed to do.  Feelings of anxiety and stress tend to go with this experience. Our self-trust and security can be shaken and ability to respond diminished. There is an empathic conversation “map” to navigate this type of conflict in order to regain and strengthen a healthy, robust experience of self, integrate new learning, and take effective action.

Join me Wednesday January 26th at 12pm Pacific Time for this month's 60 minute live interactive webinar meeting on Zoom on the topic of Resilience for Self in Troubling Times. This is also an opportunity to come together in community around current events that are socially uppermost in our collective hearts and minds.

I will briefly present this process and then invite some of those attending to share situations from their lives and about what's happening in the larger world related to this topic. I’ll then work more deeply with one or two people to demonstrate the process. At the end I invite more people from the group to share and ask questions.

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