Mindfulness in Conversation Workbook
  • Workbook is a digital download
  • Designed to be read on your computer or tablet, as well as smartphone
  • 99 pages in length
  • 2 downloadable handouts within the PDF download

Mindfulness in Conversation

Experience Connection from Disconnection

In a world that's teeming with disconnect, emptiness and conflict there seems to be an emergent calling from our collective consciousness for deeper, richer ways of relating that nurture our common well being, trust, and cooperation. The connection to that longing lies within our own consciousness and can be accessed through bringing mindfulness in conversation and compassionate presence into conversations with ourselves and others.

Out of my deep desire to spread this insight and ability, I have released a digital workbook entitled Mindfulness in Conversation: Creating the Life and World You Envision One Conversation at a Time.

In this workbook you'll experience:
- The depth and fulfillment of empathic connection, how to return to it when it's lost, and how to develop it in your life and relationships.
- How to be aware of negative thoughts and feelings in a way that you’re not at the effect of them, and instead can transform them into well being and resilience.
- How to better understand and connect with our human needs in ourselves and others, and find mutually-enriching requests that inspire compassionate giving and receiving.
- Empathic communication components that develop mindfulness and the ability for deeper connection, creativity, and collaboration.