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Empathic Communication for Health & Wellness Responding to the Challenges and Adversities We Face

Empathic Connection. You’ve felt a deep connection to people, nature, and the world since you were young, yet experiencing the nourishing and generative depths of this quality of connection has become rare. Now you often feel an undercurrent of disconnection, stress, and conflict in your life, and a growing anxiety with the social-economic-environmental turbulence, uncertainties, and conflicts happening in the world. Yet there is a knowing and a longing in you for a different way of being with yourself and others, a way in which we humans naturally experience deep connection and wellbeing within ourselves, with each other, and as part of the wholeness of life on the planet in health and wellness.

Empathy and Mindfulness in Conversation. Learn skills and practices of empathic communication for conversation with yourself and others based in dimensions of universal language, mindful awareness, and consciousness. Become more resilient with adversity and challenges, access new creativity, and deepen connections and cooperation with those around you. This work comes out of the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The Power of Conflict. Empathic connection transforms the energy and constructive, creative potential in conflict into cooperative solutions and compassionate action. Conversation becomes a way to bridge polarizing differences and reconcile disconnection, opening doorways to greater health, well being, and collaboration. Empathic communication and conversation give tools and structures to navigate conflict and open us to new possibilities to create the life we want and the world we envision, one conversation at a time.

The vision of this work is that empathic communication and the building of empathic community is an integral part of the global health and wellness movement, that includes the health of all Earth's ecosystems. The deep urgency now is to build healthy relationship, collaboration, and systems with all cultures, as we respond to the great challenges we face and transition globally to a healthier, more sustainable way of living on the planet.

Empathy and mindfulness in conversation with yourself and others helps you:

  • Work Better with Others. Learn awareness and language skills to help you better understand and meet your needs and the needs of others around you.
  • Build Empathic Community. Through practicing together with others you build a supportive learning community that includes family, friends and coworkers. 
  • Enhance Energy and Wellness. It goes deeper than just your body. It is a transformation of the relationship to your mind and emotions.

* Check out below: Digital workbook (Mindfulness in Conversation),
Online Community, Programs, and Courses

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Achieve Overall Wellness

Mindfulness and meditation are recognized in the cultural mainstream and the scientific community as an important component of overall health.  The next step is the ability for empathic conversation. You'll learn to speak and listen to yourself and others in a nourishing way that contributes to thriving and flourishing. Shift from disconnection and conflict to connection and compassion. Our neurophysiology is wired for care and bonding. Supportive community and belonging are woven into the core of our ancestral inheritance and memory. Bringing awareness, presence, and consciousness into conversation, including difficult conversations, opens new pathways to health and wellness.

Live Resiliently

Resilience is a quality that is key to your overall well-being. Bounce back from adversity, conflict, failure, embarrassment, heartbreak and loss, anxiety, stress and overwhelm with new tools to become resilient by having better quality conversations with yourself and others. There are dimensions of mindfulness that are integrated with distinctions and skills of empathic communication. You gain an increasing capacity and ability to tap into connection that is already inside you and all around. Through the synthesis of awareness and language, combined with practice in a supportive learning community, a foundation of mental and emotional resilience develops happiness and well being--and being able to respond to challenges with resourcefulness and creative solutions.  


Mindfulness In Conversation Digital Workbook

In a world that's teeming with disconnect, emptiness and conflict there's an emergent calling from our collective consciousness for deeper, richer ways of relating that nurture our common well being, trust, and cooperation.

In this digital workbook download you'll:

  • Learn four dimensions of mindfulness in conversation for developing empathic connection, and restoring connection, with yourself, others, and life
  • Practically apply your learning with exercises and practices with yourself and others
  • Experience the deep fulfillment and greater effectiveness, resilience, and well being of empathic connection in your interactions and relationships

The workbook is designed to be read on your computer or tablet. It contains 99 pages, with two additional downloadable handouts.

Unlock Your Creativity

Creativity. It’s not just about being artistic or a special ingredient of productivity in your work. It' a primary component of the core skill set for experiencing a happy and successful life. When challenges arise how do you get to wise solutions? How do you access creativity in daily living? This work offers a way to get there through mindful conversation with yourself and others. The journey of these conversations takes you into the field of infinite potential and possibilities. You'll gain access to information, ideas, and insights that transcend the limitations of the thinking you started from. This ability will be increasingly essential for you to be able to respond to the rapidly growing magnitude and complexity of the challenges before you, and to find a way for you to have healthy and sustainable living.

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Deepen Your Connections

Relationship and working together. Whether personal or work related, there is an essential, underlying quality to all our relationships — the degree of empathic connection. Beyond the roles and contexts, the conversations we are in through the day have the potential for a depth, richness and power that is exquisite. These connections become a tremendous source of well being, support, and opening to creativity, insight, and collaboration. There is a way to reliably produce this experience, and return to it when it is lost, by how we speak and listen, how we pay attention and use words, and how we move with life’s flow and currents of innovation to create the relationships, work, life and world we envision. 

Online Learning & Community — Programs & Courses

One of the most important things I (John) have discovered in my 20+ years of work in this space, is that furthering this kind of learning works best in a learning community. Developing these skills to be able to respond to the growing challenges in our personal lives and what’s happening in the world takes time and lots of practice and support. So, I’ve created an Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation online community (hosted on a platform called Mighty Networks), a Foundations Self-Guided Program, and weekly live-session courses to support you and help you build empathic community. See more information and links below.

You can start by joining the Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation online community. It's FREE to join. The online community offers different topic discussion areas to engage in and a wide variety of information and resources, as well as live online events and group meetings with me that I offer regularly. The community is also about meeting, connecting and interacting with others who share your interests and values, and who can be sources of inspiration and support as we navigate the growing challenges and difficulties in our world. You can coordinate empathic conversation practice with other community members, and even connect with people who live near you! I believe building empathic community and support is crucial to growing our resilience, experiencing health and wellbeing, and being able to respond to the enormous difficulties ahead. CLICK HERE to learn more and to join the community.


Foundations of Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation Online Program and 8-Week Course (Level One)

[Next 8-week course starts Tues Sept 15, 3-4pm Pacific Time. Early Reg pricing till Sept 4]

Mindfulness in conversation transforms your world

Develop deep foundational skills and abilities, in the support of empathic community, to respond to challenges and adversities in your life and in the world.


Conflict to Connection with Ourselves and Others 12-Week Intermediate Online Course (Level Two)

[Next course starts Tues Sept 29, 1-2:30pm Pacific Time. Early Reg pricing till Sept 18.]

Maps of conversation and consciousness that restore connection and create new possibility

Learn 6 types of conflict to connection conversation maps (inner and outer) that build resilience with adversity, strengthen relationship and collaboration, and open new creative possibilities.


Conflict Coaching & Mediation 6-12 Month Advanced Online Training Program (Level Three)

[Next program starts Sept 17. Early Reg pricing till Sept 4.]

Helping people respond to conflicts and challenges within themselves and with others

Learn how to be in the role of conflict coach and mediator using OFNR mindfulness and the skills and maps of Mediate Your Life training, developed by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater.


“John Kinyon is one of our trainers of Nonviolent Communication and someone in whom I have a great deal of trust and confidence. John in my experience has a special gift for facilitating empathic understanding and communication between people. I highly endorse John's skills and abilities with Nonviolent Communication, and I strongly recommend him to anyone needing help resolving a conflict situation.”
––Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., Founder of Nonviolent Communication

“John possesses remarkable insight into the inner workings of the mind caught in conflict. He has helped me understand my own blocks – needs and issues that have clouded my ability to connect with myself and others. I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed.”
––Larry R., Attorney and Mediator, Former CEO of Venture-Funded Company

“John, I’m so grateful for the work you have done with my staff and me over the past 4 years. I want to thank you for how you helped me turn around the difficulties I was experiencing with my employees and create a new level of success in my business. You have contributed to these things by how you coached me to communicate differently and model the qualities and ways of relating I wanted to see with my staff. You have a great ability to support people being honest and authentic with each other in ways that bring them together. You have helped us communicate and resolve conflicts in a way that everyone felt heard and understood that then led to finding mutually satisfying solutions. Particularly helpful was when you mediated between two employees with long standing and complex problems - it was truly amazing to watch as they found the common ground of understanding and found the basis for being able to work together again with a growing sense of respect and mutuality.”
—Suzan Steinberg, Business Owner

“At a time of escalated tensions and unexpressed concerns, John's experience and inspirational style with NVC helped to facilitate a reconnection between the principles of the business. After the breakdown in communication, his skills helped create a stronger foundation of trust and empathy, where each person could be heard. This enabled us to move ahead into a creative dynamic process of strategies and goal setting for the company.”
—Selma Aslin and Tehra Braren, business owner and company director

“Nonviolent communication sounds like a political thing, but to me NVC is a communications approach that I value in personal and business relationships. John Kinyon is an expert and highly trained NVC facilitator, and is superlative at resolving hard, entrenched conflicts. He has the courage and competence to tackle even situations where people hate one another, and can lead them to find a common ground. John gets to the heart of an issue, and, in the kindest possible way, airs every stake-holder's point of view. His practical judgment, life experience and quiet style earn the respect of the participants, as he calmly draws them to lasting clarity and closure. Any organization--any relationship--could benefit from John Kinyon's teaching and facilitation.”
—Ed Niehaus, organizational consultant