_Creating the life, relationships, and world we envision one conversation at a time with ourselves and others._ - John Kinyon -

Empathic Communication & Conversation

Mediate Your Life Training to Navigate Conflict to Connection and New Possibilities in Personal, Organizational, and Societal Life

Empathy & Mindfulness in Conversation Helps You:

  • Enhance Wellness and Wellbeing. Health goes deeper than just your body. It is a transformation of the relationship to your mind and emotions and your relationships with others, giving access to unconditional wellbeing and greater resilience, resourcefulness, and effectiveness in responding to conflict and challenges.
  • Work Better with Others. Learn awareness and language skills to help you better understand and meet your needs and the needs of others around you at work and in your personal life.
  • Build Empathic Community. Through practicing together with others you build a supportive learning community that includes family, friends and coworkers. 
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Mediate Your Life with Empathic Communication

Empathic communication. The approach of this work offers a way of communicating with yourself and others at work and in your personal life that supports empathic connection and leads to cooperation and collaborative solutions. It is based in the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The power of conflict. This approach comes out of the international Mediate Your Life training program, created and developed by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater. This work transforms the dynamic energy and potentials in conflict into the emergence of new creative possibilities. A structure of empathic conversation gives the ability to successfully navigate conflict to create the life we want and the world we envision, one conversation at a time.

A triad model of conversation and consciousness. Learn conversation "maps" and skills to use with yourself and others based in dimensions of universal language and mindful awareness (dual and nondual). Become more resilient with adversity and challenges, and build empathic community. 

The vision of this work is that empathic communication is recognized as an integral part of health and wellness. The deep urgency now is for us humans to collaborate with each other and the ecosystems of the planet to respond to the great challenges we face to create a healthy and sustainable world.

"I highly recommend John Kinyon. In my session with him I had a wonderful healing and gained great relief. John gave me unconditional kindness and empathy. I gained compassion for my former spouse and the pain she suffered since childhood. I also gained compassion for myself, and I was able to become aware of my triggers and my part in the problems in our relationship. After the session, I felt like there had been chains holding me down, and now they were cut and I was free. That shift inside me led me to email my former spouse. She responded to me and we connected for the first time in 45 years! We had some resolution of our issues around our divorce many years ago. That resolution has affected our children and has brought relief and peace to the whole family." – Charles P

"Nothing has enhanced my leadership effectiveness like John's training. I have integrated it into high stakes conversations such as contract negotiations, performance feedback, team decision making, conflict resolution, group facilitation and project debriefs. Connection has become the common thread that runs through my daily encounters. And from that connection arises a genuine spirit of collaboration that is central to the ongoing and dynamic process of creating something that works for everyone."
— Christine F, healthcare executive

“Before NVC and John’s classes, I braced for life’s impact. After, I am trusting and curious, open to outcome. Before, frozen and frightened. After, confident and capable. Before, withered and weak. After, self-acknowledged and compassionate. There is not one part of my life that has not been impacted by nonviolent communication and John’s trainings, all parts touched with the privilege of learning and living these principles. A warmth of gratitude washes across my heart and a sense of sharp joy pricks in my throat as I lean into John’s essence and all he teaches.” - Hope O


Community & Courses

One of the most important things I have discovered in my 20+ years of work in this space, is that furthering this kind of learning works best in a learning community. And for me the learning is not just about use of language but also the integration with consciousness (awareness, presence, mindfulness — dual and nondual). So, I’ve created an Empathy & Consciousness in Conversation Online Community and courses to support you in skill development and help you build empathic community.



My mission working with organizations — particularly IT and healthcare — is to support leadership conversations that inspire growth, synergy, and innovation. The training deepens and enhances collaboration, and gives language and awareness skills, tools and technology for navigating feedback, difficulty with differences, and conflict in team relationships. The training gives the opportunity and ability to have the important and difficult conversations that are often avoided but are essential for success and new possibilities to emerge, and that lead to optimal performance on individual and team levels.



I believe a critical mass of people and organizations using empathic structure in difficult and healing conversations across our personal, organizational, social and political divides is essential for humanity to be able to work together to respond to the many enormous and daunting challenges before us. I see this as integral to the health and wellness movement and to creating a healthy and sustainable world for all people and all life on our planet. I offer a variety of events to help grow this critical mass which can be found by clicking the button below

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Achieve Health and Wellness

Mindfulness and meditation are recognized in the cultural mainstream and the scientific community as an important component of overall health.  The next step is the ability for empathic conversation. You'll learn to speak and listen to yourself and others in a nourishing way that contributes to thriving and flourishing. Shift from disconnection and conflict to connection and compassion. Our neurophysiology is wired for care and bonding. Supportive community and belonging are woven into the core of our ancestral inheritance and memory. Bringing awareness, presence, and consciousness into conversation, including difficult conversations, opens new pathways to health and wellness.

Live Resiliently

Resilience is a quality that is key to your overall well-being. Bounce back from adversity, conflict, failure, embarrassment, heartbreak and loss, anxiety, stress and overwhelm with new tools to become resilient by having better quality conversations with yourself and others. There are dimensions of mindfulness that are integrated with distinctions and skills of empathic communication. You gain an increasing capacity and ability to tap into connection that is already inside you and all around. Through the synthesis of awareness and language, combined with practice in a supportive learning community, a foundation of mental and emotional resilience develops happiness and well being--and being able to respond to challenges with resourcefulness and creative solutions.  

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Unlock Your Creativity

Creativity. It’s not just about being artistic or a special ingredient of productivity in your work. It' a primary component of the core skill set for experiencing a happy and successful life. When challenges arise how do you get to wise solutions? How do you access creativity in daily living? This work offers a way to get there through mindful conversation with yourself and others. The journey of these conversations takes you into the field of infinite potential and possibilities. You'll gain access to information, ideas, and insights that transcend the limitations of the thinking you started from. This ability will be increasingly essential for you to be able to respond to the rapidly growing magnitude and complexity of the challenges before you, and to find a way for you to have healthy and sustainable living.

Deepen Your Connections with Empathic Communication

Relationship and working together. Whether personal or work related, there is an essential, underlying quality to all our relationships — the degree of empathic connection. Beyond the roles and contexts, the conversations we are in through the day have the potential for a depth, richness and power that is exquisite. These connections become a tremendous source of well being, support, and opening to creativity, insight, and collaboration. There is a way to reliably produce this experience, and return to it when it is lost, by how we speak and listen, how we pay attention and use words, and how we move with life’s flow and currents of innovation to create the relationships, work, life and world we envision.