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The Mediate Your Life Podcast is about the power of conflict for new possibilities to emerge. John guides podcast guests through conflict "maps" to bridge differences and heal divides in their personal and work lives and their experience of the larger social-political world. It's about individual, ancestral, collective and healing to create the life and world we want. The Mediate Your Life approach is based in empathic communication, a mediation framework, and mindfulness.

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The Mediate Your Life Podcast with John Kinyon is a live conflict coaching and mediation dialogue using his Mediate Your Life approach based in empathic communication, mindfulness, and trauma healing. On the show, John guides his guests through real life challenges and conflicts and helps them bridge differences, and heal hurt and divides. Each conversation is a forum for learning and healing, not only for the guests, but also for the listener.

Come experience and learn the true Power of Conflict. Conflict is an opportunity for and a conduit to peace, healing, and new possibilities. This happens through empathy and honesty with the mind and heart. Join us on this journey toward the life we want and the world we envision.

Download the Mediate Your Life app and start transforming the conflict in your life today. You’ll find audio recordings and more to guide you through the territories of human conflict, both internally and externally.