John Kinyon facilitates human connection and collaboration through empathic communication.

Mediate Your Life is at the intersection of communication, consciousness, and the ability to respond effectively to conflict. It is based in the international body of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The Mediate Your Life vision and mission is that empathic communication is seen as an integral part of health and wellness, and that humanity is able to work together to respond to the enormous challenges we face and create a healthy, just, and sustainable world for all people and the planet.


ABOUT I was born in 1967, the decade that humans impossibly flew to the moon, and the social movement for a new kind of freedom, empathy, compassion and striving for equality began amidst tremendous societal upheaval. I carry within me that revolutionary energy into which I was born. As a young adult I caught fire studying the work of famed American humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers, who pioneered empathic listening and relationship. At that time I also became deeply passionate about the life and work of Indian social leader Mahatma Gandhi, who embodied the power of “nonviolence” that he used to liberate his country from the oppressive forces of empire and colonization. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. would later find inspiration in Gandhi and nonviolence to ignite the heart of the U.S. civil rights movement of the 60’s. In 1998 I met Marshall Rosenberg, a product of that struggle for social justice and equality. Marshall had created a body of work called Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and gave over four decades of his life traveling the world sharing it. I went on to work closely with him as my mentor for over a decade. He passed the torch of that liberating energy to me and others, and I have carried it forward through an international body of work and training program I co-developed with colleague Ike Lasater called Mediate Your Life. I have created an online community and offer training courses, conflict coaching, mediation, speaking, public events, and authoring of books.

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