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Monday, July 15th 5-7pm PT

Wednesday, July 17th 10am-Noon PT

ABOUT Democracy: There are those from different parts of the political spectrum who are deeply concerned and worried about losing it; and there are those who are not especially concerned or worried about this.

War and division, whether physical, cultural, or interpersonal, is about hurt — how we hurt and harm one another. As we go through life, sometimes we are the "Receiver" of hurt and pain, and sometimes we are the "Actor," who acts in a way that leads to another or others experiencing hurt. In some situations, both sides feel they are the Receiver, and the other is the Actor. Power is an important aspect of this kind of conflict, the individual power we each have to act and impact others, and power that is collective and generational, how culture and systems are connected with hurting and harming.

This Across the Divide conversation session will offer both a 4-step Reconciliation and Healing process and 4 Across the Aisle questions* to talk about these issues with empathy, compassion, and connection to our shared humanity. It is a space for potential healing of individual, collective and generational pain at the core of the social-ecological conflicts, polarization, and suffering.

*STRUCTURE Using the Reconciliation and Healing process, participants will have the opportunity to choose to speak from the perspective of the Receiver or Actor around a war situation in the world or a warring experience in their own life, while others in the group grow the capacity to listen to different perspectives. The goal is an atmosphere of empathy with a focus on listening, authentic sharing, understanding each other, and connecting compassionately with our shared humanity.

Using the Across the Aisle...

WHO All are welcome! Please invite all you feel would benefit.

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