Healing Hurt and Reconciling Divides


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  • This is an 8 week long course led by John Kinyon with weekly live Zoom meetings on Tuesday 11a-1p Pacific. If you cannot make this time for any reason, it will be recorded.
  • The Mediate Your Life App will be a key component to these courses. There will be encouragement to practice using the app and practice with each other between sessions.
  • PREREQUISITE This group is designed for people with some experience with OFNR communication components. For support in learning this, please download the Mediate Your Life App . Once you are in the app, navigate to Library and then to Introduction to OFNR Components. There you will find 4 Sections with audio lessons on Observation, Feelings, Needs, and Requests.
  • This course will occur on:
    • 06/18/24
    • 03/04/25
    • 11/04/25

If you have any questions, please email programs@johnkinyon.com.

Conflict Maps Incorporated for Healing Hurt and Reconciling Divides:

  • Self-Connection and Wellbeing
  • Empathy in Speaking and Listening
  • Self-Compassion for the Past
  • Compassion for Other
  • Peace in Intensity
  • Healing Hurt and Divides