Mediate Your Life Professional Program Certification


This includes an additional 6-24 month Practicum period that starts at the end of the Coaching training. At any point during the Practicum period you will be able to fulfill and submit the requirements for certification*.

The financial request to receive certification in:

  • Conflict Coaching is $350
  • Conflict Coaching & Mediation is $500
  • Add-On only option: Mediation is $150 (Only to be used if you have already submitted the Conflict Coaching portion)

and can be paid at the time of submission of your required materials.



*Mediate Your Life Professional Program Certification Requirements

  • 6-24 month Practicum to complete all requirements
  • Attendance (Zoom or Recording)
  • Documented practice that includes self and peer feedback
    • 3 coaching practices with each of the 8 maps
    • 1 Coaching Assessment Form for each of the 8 Maps
  • 2 Reflection Statements
  • 1 hour-long session recording with a non-paying client
  • Assessment Form from non-paying client
  • Assessment from John Kinyon
  • Rating of at least 4 (out of 5) on all Assessments
  • Option to resubmit a recording session if less than 4 rating
  • Requested Fee for Professional Program Certification in:
    • Conflict Coaching is $350 at time of submission for review & feedback
    • Conflict Coaching & Mediation is $500 at time of submission for review & feedback

See Sample Student Google Folder with Coaching Certification Packet containing:

      1. Coaching Certification Assessment Forms
      2. Reflection Statements Guidelines & Forms
      3. Client Session Recording & Assessment Form
      4. Certification Requirements & Checklist Document
      5. Assessment Instructions & Criteria Document
      6. Practice Tracking Sheet

Additional information

Certification Level

Conflict Coaching, Mediation, Conflict Coaching & Mediation