Reconciliation & Healing Conversations

Free Bi-Weekly Event || 2nd & 4th Fridays || 1-2:30pm Pacific

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weekly open forum group facilitated by john kinyon


Reconciliation & Healing Conversations

2nd & 4th Fridays of the month, 1-2:30pm Pacific

Bridging our Differences & Healing our Divides

In these weekly events, people are invited to share difficult situations from their personal, work, or community lives, and then I (John) offer coaching and role play demonstrations of difficult or healing conversation structures. All are welcome!

One of the main goals of the group experience is to demonstrate and spread the idea of an empathic structure in conversation that leads to connection, healing, wellbeing, cooperation and the emergence of new creative possibilities. For me empathic structure is about supporting connection through both language and consciousness.

The simple essence I see in empathic conversation structure is: taking turns speaking and listening in mindful awareness, focusing on understanding rather than agreement, and dropping down into connection with what we share in common — our human feelings, needs, and wants.

In these sessions, I demonstrate empathic structure in conversation — having difficult conversations in relationships when there are conflicting differences, and having healing conversations when there is emotional hurt and pain. Depending on the person's situation who I'm working with, I also offer other inner and outer Conflict Maps* from my body of work. The power of these demonstrations provide valuable learning and inspiration for all attending.

All are invited to participate, and you are also welcome to just listen and witnessing without speaking if you choose. Please invite anyone who you think might be interested.

This work comes out of the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

*More information on Conflict Maps HERE

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