I believe we’re seeing in the world the inevitable effects of the temptation for us humans to use our intelligence to control – Nature, people, groups, nations, ourselves — and control so easily slides into domination, oppression, and exploitation. It’s inevitable what happens in the paradigm of separation and materialism in which we live. Control […]

In Conversation with the Great Transition of our Time — In our Lives, and In the World

It seems we have entered the time of The Great Transition.Our ancestors have spoken of this time.Earth’s ecosystems have been giving us her soft messages for a while now, gracefully collapsing under our dedication to consumption and domination. We’re starting to see this great conversation of epic forces more clearly now on societal levels, all […]

Economics, Politics, and Conversation Based in Universal Health

The U.S. congress has now passed four massive financial stimulus/relief bills. From what I have seen, heard, and read my understanding is that a large portion of support from these bills (trillions of dollars) is going to large corporations and the wealthy, including big tax benefits. Whereas other segments of the population are receiving a […]

Radical Understanding in a Post-Truth World

The Coronavirus pandemic is bringing to light aspects of society that were already increasingly showing signs of dysfunction and unhealth but now are more visible. One of these is how we as a society relate to truth. Through the marvel of the internet we have access to virtually unlimited amounts of information and opinions presented […]