Feminine Power

In my last blog I spoke about my journey with faith and courage and how that has come about through the relationship with my wife, Schena.  Together we are on a path to bring more empathic connection to the world one conversation at a time. Schena is launching a new platform called Chai with Schena, that I wanted to share with you today and why I feel the need for the rising of the feminine in our world. 

What she does is all about empowering women to believe in themselves, care for themselves as they care for others, and go for their dreams and visions. Who she is and what she does reflects the larger movement of the feminine I see growing more rapidly now in the world. The masculine has dominated for so long, and an urgently-needed rebalancing seems to be happening as we see Earth’s ecosystems slide towards collapse and breakdown, in parallel with what is happening in global politics, business, and at bottom, economics. The rise of feminine strength and power comes from care and cooperation rather than ruthless competition and domination. 

Chai with Schena is a natural extension of how she lives her life – a bold and courageous striving for beauty and quality of home, food and family life, a transcending of limitation through connection, endless hours of supportive conversation with people in her life, especially women opening to their hearts’ deepest callings. I often think of her as a “force of nature;” and isn’t a return to Nature and natural living part of this movement, a return to sacred ecology, to healthy, balanced, eco-centered, Mother Earth-centered living rather than ego-centered, rapacious pillaging of the natural world and indigenous peoples and cultures? 

These qualities are also in the work and movement of empathic communication, which is about moving from our heads to our hearts, to deep connection through the emotions of the body and the needs we share with all living beings of the planet, and to nurturing one another’s wellbeing through compassionate action and the natural enjoyment of giving and receiving. Chai with Schena is about this kind of connection, and it’s about being a warrior for healthy food and cooking, beautiful home gardens, local organic farms and women-owned businesses, radical social change and justice, and courageously stepping into the uncertainty and unknown of the new, letting go the corruption and dysfunction of the old.  

I invite you to visit the Chai with Schena website by clicking HERE and listen to Schena’s podcast interview on The Moms I Know by clicking HERE.