4 Mindfulness in Conversation Meditations

Meditation on Observation

Meditation on Body & Feeling

Meditation on Request

Meditation on Human Needs & Life Energy

Mindfulness and meditation are now recognized in the cultural mainstream and the scientific community as an important component of overall health.  The next step is bringing mindfulness into empathic communication and conversation. With this practice, we learn to speak and listen to ourselves and others in a nourishing way that contributes to thriving and flourishing. Shift from disconnection connection and compassion. Our neurophysiology is wired for care and bonding. Supportive community and belonging are woven into the core of our ancestral inheritance and memory. Bringing awareness, presence, and consciousness into conversation, including difficult conversations, opens new pathways to health and wellness.

My hope is these guided meditations help you experience greater connection with yourself, others, and life.

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Mindfulness in Conversation Meditations
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