Individuals • Groups • organizations

  • • Experience presence and self-connection in intensity
  • • Increase emotional and empathic intelligence (EQ)
  • • Translate judgment and blame into understanding
  • • Create reconciliation, peace and healing in relationships
  • • Develop clarity and effectiveness of action in response
    to conflict
Nonviolent Communication

Conflict to Connection & Emergence of New Possibilities

NVC Mediation • Training Programs • Conflict Coaching

Respond to conflict with connection. A universal language, communication skills and “maps” for navigating all types of conflict enable people to return from the biological “fight-flight” response and “enemy image” thinking at the core of conflict to a natural state of relatedness. From connection, new possibilities emerge for collaboration and creative solutions. This approach is based in the work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


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John Kinyon

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  • 4-Day Retreat Intensive Trainings
  • 2-Day Workshops
  • Telecourse training program (starting in May 2014 through NVC Academy)


For a complete schedule of events and more information, click here to visit my Mediate Your Life Training website.

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