Across the Aisle

As tensions ratchet up around the U.S. presidential election results, and more and more common is heard the phrase “civil war,” we need some way to bring the temperature down. We seem to be moving towards inhabiting different worlds of alternate realities, parallel universes of perspective, experience, and belief, with the very real potential for […]


I believe we’re seeing in the world the inevitable effects of the temptation for us humans to use our intelligence to control – Nature, people, groups, nations, ourselves — and control so easily slides into domination, oppression, and exploitation. It’s inevitable what happens in the paradigm of separation and materialism in which we live. Control […]

In Conversation with the Great Transition of our Time — In our Lives, and In the World

It seems we have entered the time of The Great Transition.Our ancestors have spoken of this time.Earth’s ecosystems have been giving us her soft messages for a while now, gracefully collapsing under our dedication to consumption and domination. We’re starting to see this great conversation of epic forces more clearly now on societal levels, all […]