Consciousness, Communication, and Civilization: Conversations on a New Story for Humanity

"3Chairs" Conversation Series on Evolution, Ecology, and Global Health

This project is about conversations between myself (John Kinyon) and leaders in the fields of consciousness, communication, and civilization as they relate to the new story of humanity and our relationship with life on our planet that we are moving towards. It's about human evolution, shifting to a more ecologically-centered and holistic worldview, and how we can live in healthier, more sustainable and consciously interconnected and interdependent ways globally. What is consciousness and how does it relate to empathic communication? How do consciousness and communication relate to the unconscious, spirituality, and unified physics/science? Where are we in terms of the cycle of rise and fall of civilizations and what is happening socially, politically, and environmentally (e.g. climate change, species loss, ecosystems collapse)? What is the role of "nonviolence" in social change and how this relates to empathic communication and community? What is the role of trauma work and reconciliation and healing?

These conversations explore the relationship of the above with more specific topic areas such as politics, government, democracy, social justice/equity, ecosystem health, and economics (economy, financial systems, capitalism, consumerism). How can we humans communicate about these and collaborate even with our different beliefs? To what degree is it the role of government to ensure that all people have sufficient access to meeting fundamental human needs, such as healthy water, food, and environmental conditions, quality healthcare and higher education, labor rights and protections, human rights, and restorative justice? How essential is it to have a globally united democratic government of nations?

I call these "3Chairs Conversations" because they are ultimately about our unfolding journey through the "duality" of opposing and often conflicting perspectives (two chairs) held by our capacity to experience a "nondual" awareness (third chair) of unified wholeness, leading to new emergent possibilities. In simple essence, it is conversation based in mindfulness and language of how we Observe, Feel, Need, and Request. My hope is that these conversations will inspire you to have such conversations, and that you will inspire others.

Conversation with Ike Lasater, Part 1

In this conversation John talks with long time colleague and collaborator Ike Lasater about the role of awareness and consciousness in empathic communication/Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Towards the end of the conversation they get into the topic of responding to what is happening on the on larger social-political level. For more information on Ike's current work see

Over a 15 year period starting in 2002, John and Ike created a body of work together called Mediate Your Life, which grew into a year long training program that they and others who they trained have offered throughout the United States and in many countries around the world. For more information see

Conversation with Ike Lasater, Part 2

John continues the conversation with long time colleague and collaborator Ike Lasater about the relationship of empathic communication/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to what is happening on the on larger social-political level. For more information on Ike's current work see

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