4 Mindfulness in Conversation Meditations

You may be a meditation veteran, or this might be your first time entering this space.  No matter where you are in your mindfulness journey, my hope is these guided meditations help you experience greater connection with yourself, others, and life.

I have separated them into four categories in hopes of helping you decide which one work best for you in this moment.

Meditation on Observation

This meditation is intended to support you experiencing more peace of mind when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, agitated in your mind or when you are wanting mental calm and stability. This meditation is with vision, but you can do it with any focus of your sense perceptions — sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. As you become familiar with the meditation you can do it anytime, anywhere, and for however long.

Meditation on Body & Feeling

This meditation is intended to be used when you are feeling tension in your body and you want to support your body with relaxation, when you want to feel grounded and connected with your body and your feelings, or perhaps there is a particular issue or situation to which you are reacting.

Meditation on Human Needs & Life Energy

This meditation is intended to support your experience of feeling part of and connected to life in a larger way, a greater wholeness, or perhaps a spiritual connection.

Meditation on Request

This meditation is intended to use when you’d like support finding an answer or solution to something, or to access a flow of creativity and inspiration.


The app is an audio guide to help you when you are in conflict with someone in your life, or with yourself — a clash of differences, the pain of unresolved hurt, a breakdown of communication or connection.

Listening to the audios, you feel better and find new insights and solutions to the difficulties you face.