Mediation & Training in Organizations

Transforming Conflict into Connection and Creation of New Possibilities

Empathic Conversation Leadership

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I provide Mediation, Facilitation, and Training for Organizations to ...

effectively responding to conflict and breakdowns in team dynamics and collaboration. My approach with empathic communication is based in the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and integrates a mediation framework, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Alongside my Mediate Your Life App, I utilize 10 Conflict Maps* for navigating different regions and territories of human conflict and challenges. This approach helps people:

  • Transform challenging situations with the power of conflict
  • Enhance cooperation and collaboration
  • Build relational resilience with challenges and adversity
  • Foster synergy and partnership in team relations
  • New creative possibilities — emergent solutions and outcomes
  • Restore ruptured work relationships

My approach offers empathic conversation structure and processes for: groups/teams, one-to-one conversations, and self-connection in the midst of difficulty.

My approach also incorporates a restorative Reconciliation Process for unresolved emotional pain, broken trust and connection, ruptured relationship, perceived harm or damage – when this is the source of the conflict or an aspect of it.

Through Conversational Leadership you will learn to:

  • Lead through empathic communication and conversation, producing results through connection and conflict transformation
  • Have difficult and healing conversations that catalyze positive change and move the individual, the team, the organization forward into new emergent possibilities
  • Create the understanding, connection, psychological safety, and trust that supports cooperation and synergy

*For more information on Conversation Maps, click HERE.

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The general consensus of the team was that John had established a process and mindset that enabled the team to experience a breakthrough. — Paul Johnson, Sr. Marketing Excellence Manager, Microsoft USA

At a time of escalated tensions and unexpressed concerns, John's experience and inspirational style with NVC helped to facilitate a reconnection between the principles of the business. After the breakdown in communication, his skills helped create a stronger foundation of trust and empathy, where each person could be heard. This enabled us to move ahead into a creative dynamic process of strategies and goal setting for the company. — Selma Aslin and Tehra Braren, business owner and company director

Nonviolent communication sounds like a political thing, but to me NVC is a communications approach that I value in personal and business relationships. John Kinyon is an expert and highly trained NVC facilitator, and is superlative at resolving hard, entrenched conflicts. He has the courage and competence to tackle even situations where people hate one another, and can lead them to find a common ground. John gets to the heart of an issue, and, in the kindest possible way, airs every stake-holder's point of view. His practical judgment, life experience and quiet style earn the respect of the participants, as he calmly draws them to lasting clarity and closure. Any organization--any relationship--could benefit from John Kinyon's teaching and facilitation. — Ed Niehaus, Organizational Consultant