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Events with John Kinyon

See Information Below For:

  • Across The Aisle: Open Conversation for Healing Our Political Divide, on Zoom and Facebook Live, Wednesdays 5-6:30pm Pacific Time
  • Choosing Peace: Having Difficult & Healing Conversations with Empathic Communication in Difficult Times, on Zoom, 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month, 12-1pm PT
  • Mini Coaching Sessions with John on Facebook Live, Wednesdays 1-1:30pm PT
  • Brief Guided Meditations with John on Instagram and Facebook Live, 9:30am and 10:15am PT
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We are offering Across The Aisle: Open Conversation for Healing Our Political Divide every Wednesday (at 5pm Pacific Time/8pm Eastern) online on Zoom and Facebook Live.


We invite everyone to actively participate in this group conversation event who is willing to engage in the process we are offering (see The Process below), and you are welcome to be on the Zoom call just listening and witnessing (with your video on or off) without speaking if you choose.

Here is the Zoom link for the event:
Meeting ID: 886 9411 6616
Passcode: 361109

If you prefer, you can just watch and listen on Facebook Live from @JohnKinyon public figure page, You'll see the notification when the event goes live and be able to watch from there.

Here is the link to the the Event Page on Facebook.

We hope you will join us for these conversations across the political divide, and please invite anyone who you think might be interested, particularly those who hold political beliefs and perspectives different from you.


The Opportunity
Something that has made the United States and other democracies of the world great has been the ability of government for and of the people to create a conversational forum for hearing diverse opinions and perspectives, and work together to solve problems. Politicians from both sides of the aisle -- Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Conservative -- could bridge differences and work together to get big things done and make a difference.

Something seems to have radically changed. Politicians are having a hard time even being civil to each other. Public discourse, particularly through social media, has become a battleground of violent communication and warfare mentality -- winning, defeating, and being right over mutual understanding, respect, vulnerable honesty, and cooperation.

The Why
We (John and Paul) love the promise of democracy and want to create a safe, respectful space for open, honest communication about issues impacting the future of our country and the world: So that we can understand each other and respect and learn from our differences, and work together to create a future of greater possibility of wellbeing and prosperity for all.

The Process
The process we facilitate is to invite individuals to speak, one at a time, while everyone else listens. When it is the next person’s turn to speak, we ask this next person to show hearing and understanding of what the previous speaker just said, even when there is strong disagreement, by reflecting back what they heard that person say until that person says they feel heard. We (John and Paul) will do our best to model and demonstrate empathic understanding (separate from agreement or disagreement) for what people are saying, and we will facilitate the possibility for those who are speaking and listening to do the same.

Our Goals

  • To create a safe space for people with different political beliefs to feel heard, understood and valued by each other
  • To connect with our common humanity underlying our differences
  • To practice together how we can disagree with empathy and compassion, and work together to explore ideas and solutions
  • To show what’s possible when we listen to each other and find our common humanity
Having Difficult Conversations in this Difficult Time with Empathic Communication. (5)

In these bi-weekly monthly events, colleague Seeley Roebuck and I (John Kinyon) briefly introduce core components of empathic communication, and then invite, of those attending, one or two people to do role plays with me of a difficult conversation or a healing conversation from their personal or professional lives, including social-political conversations.

There are two types of conversation maps that I demonstrate from my body of work -- a 3Chairs Process for Difficult Conversations and a Healing & Reconciliation process. These processes help us navigate from conflict to empathic understanding, healing and connection, and the emergence of cooperative possibilities and solutions.

Those who attend will have the opportunity to participate in one of the demonstrations, or just observe and afterwards share experiences and ask questions.

This work comes out of the international training program John co-created called Mediate Your Life (MYL), based in the work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). For more information about John and his work see, For more information about Seeley Roebuck see,

These events happen on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month on the Zoom platform, from 12-1pm Pacific Time.

To register:
For the November 20th event and beyond click HERE.
[Here's a LINK for information if you're new to Zoom.]

Support: You can attend for free, and we would love to receive a $10, $20, or $25 donation per session (or per month) if you would like to further support this work in the world. You can also get info and register for a Foundations Self-Guided Program and weekly Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced courses at

Wellness Wednesday Mini Coaching

Wednesdays 1-1:30pm Pacific (California) Time
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 864 9200 2393
Passcode: 806358

Mini Coaching Sessions. Every Wednesday I offer these online sessions in which I share a taste of my work by facilitating mini coaching sessions with people who attend. Some sessions are what I call "Returning to Connectedness" working with challenging situations, and in other sessions are guided meditations through what I call "Conversation Maps." Sessions include time for group sharing and questions toward the end.

Participate with me on Zoom. I invite you to actively participate with me and others on Zoom (link above), and you are welcome to be on the call just listening and witnessing (with your video on or off) without speaking if you choose.

Watching on Facebook Live. If you prefer, you can watch and listen on Facebook Live (go to @JohnKinyon public figure page, You'll see the notification when the event goes live and be able to click and watch from there).

Hope you will join me!

Wellness Wednesday Guided Meditation

On Instagram Live at 9:30am Pacific Time (11:30am Central/12:30pm Eastern)

On Facebook Live at 10:15am Pacific Time (12:15am Central/1:15pm Eastern)

These meditations are about 15 minutes in length, and there is time at the end for people watching to share and ask questions.

You can attend by being on Instagram and John's public figure page on Facebook ( at these times and click/join when you see the message for the live event.