Mediation & Conflict Coaching with John


How does this approach to mediation and conflict transformation work? I work with individuals, groups, and organizations. I coach and facilitate people in conflict to hear and be heard in conversation with each other, so they can move towards cooperation and creative solutions. My approach is based in empathic communication which focuses on first developing empathic understanding and connection, and then working together to search for creative possibilities to meet everyone's needs. The approach supports the restoring and building of both personal and work relationships. I have been doing conflict transformation, mediation, and coaching work for over 20 years. This work is based in the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). 

I also offer mediation services with my, father Richard Kinyon, who is a highly respected and distinguished California trust and estate attorney for over 50 years. We work with families and family businesses in conflict over financial disputes.

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In addition to these services I provide online courses [link] to help people navigate through the conflicts and difficult conversations of life's challenges and adversities.